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Halifax Parking Services (PARK180) find people with unused parking spaces in Halifax and match them with drivers looking for a place to park.




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Got an unused parking space anywhere in Halifax, Dartmouth, Sackville, or Bedford? Then list your parking space with Park180, set the times that the unused parking spot will be free, and choose your price. Make make extra money by listing your parking space today. It is totally free to list unlimited parking spaces!


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Looking for affordable parking in Halifax? Halifax Parking Services (PARK180) will show you the most affordable parking spots that are available near you at the best prices anywhere in HRM. Just as you are looking for available parking in Halifax, there are hundreds of local people looking to make a little extra income by listing unused parking spots on Park180!


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This was almost TOO easy! We have a parking spot that came with our apartment in downtown Halifax - but we don’t have a car. Now we have a couple of different people renting out our spot through the week & we’re making some extra money.

Jamie MacKay, Halifax

We have an apartment building downtown & a number of our tenants don't have cars. This is a great way to make some money!

Joe & Jane, Halifax

We live in a neighbourhood that doesn't allow people to park their car on the streets. We have room for another car in our driveway - so it's way cheaper than getting a ticket.

Krista & Kyle, Bedford