Can’t Find A Place To Park In Halifax NS

Last updated Saturday, August 19th, 2017

Edward Downey

If you are one of the many commuters who can’t find a place to park in Halifax NS each day, then we want to show you where to park.

Park180 is your Halifax parking space finder where you search for a place to park in Halifax or Dartmouth and the parking space finder search results will show you if a parking space is available.

Sign up on Park180 Parking Services and list as many available parking spaces as you can! It’s FREE to list your parking spaces and you will make a lot of extra money!

For instance, if you are looking for a place to park on Barrington St or Spring Garden Rd then you just put in the street names and hit search. Most likely you will find a place to park on just about any street in downtown Halifax. It can be frustrating running late for work and you just want to find a parking spot. Everyone feels the same way. So what is the solution to this parking problem in Halifax?

Solution To The Parking Problem in Halifax

Park180 Parking Space Finder Services have created a parking solution by building this Parking Finder website where people can list their unused and available parking spaces that they want to rent out and make extra money each month by doing so.


They other commuters who are looking for a place to park can search the website for parking spaces and they pay a fee to park there any day of the week. If you want to park there for the week or the month that is easy. You just choose the days you want to park and the parking service will hold it for you. As long as you pay for your parking spot by the week, the parking space will not be given to anyone else the following day or week.

You can rent this available parking space by the month and never have to worry about going around the block looking for a spot. You will have one already paid for and saved in your name. There is no better parking solution that Park180 Parking Services in Halifax.

Contact Park180 Parking Finder If You Have A Problem

If you are having an issue with signing up, listing your pictures on the Park180 parking space finder website, or just logging in to your account, you can contact the park180 support team by sending a message to [email protected], or by calling  902-410-8716. You can also send a message by filling out the contact form.

Park180 Parking Space Rentals Halifax NS

It is perfectly OK to contact the parking support team at Park180, hundreds of people have asked questions, and they are here to help you get started by creating your free account. The all you have to do is login and list your available parking space or spaces.

You can make from $20 per day to $50 per day depending on where the parking space is and how many hours someone will park there.  Remember, the more parking spaces you have listed the more money you will make.

You can also contact Park180 on Facebook to ask questions or to talk to other users who have used the parking space finder service.

Can’t Find A Place To Parking in Halifax

Well if you still can’t find a place to park in Halifax, and are sick of getting parking tickets each month, then don’t forget to search Park180 parking database to find a parking place.

If you are a landlord in Halifax, Bedford, Dartmouth, or Sackville then you need this parking service. You can make extra money each month by listing your unused parking spots in your apartment buildings or housing units.

Why not make a few hundred extra dollars each month by filling up all your available parking spots? People in Halifax are always looking for parking spaces, so why not rent out yours? You won’t believe how fast you will rent your apartment parking spaces, empty parking spots by your housing units right on the street, or underground garage parking in your commercial properties.

Park180 will pay landlords by the day for your parking spaces. You can make up to 80% of the money we collect for your spaces and pay you each week.

So whether you are looking for a parking space in Halifax or wanting to make extra money by listing unused parking spaces, PARK180 is your Halifax Parking Services Solution – 902-410-8716