Cheap Parking in Halifax NS

Last updated Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

Edward Downey

Cheap Parking Halifax can help you look for available parking spaces in Halifax – PARK180.COM Parking Services!

Apparently even with over 700 plus parking spaces now available in Halifax but are there any empty ones on any given day, probably not!

But if it’s street parking you are looking for just to run an errand or go to a doctor’s appointment then it is tough to find a spot. This is where Park180 Parking Space Finder comes in –

Park180 Parking Services offer unused and available parking space rentals right in people’s driveways or on the street in front of their residence in Halifax. It is what Halifax commuters have been look for to the question “where do you park in Halifax”.

Cheap Parking Halifax may be the only answer now to the parking crisis in the city of Halifax, NS.

Most of the parking problems in Halifax are because you have to keep checking your meter to see if it has expired. If it has and you didn’t have sufficient money in it, you will get a very expensive ticket! So running back and forth to a meter all day is certainly not an answer to the parking problem in Halifax.

What is the cost for meter parking in Halifax?

The cost for meter parking in Halifax is $1.50 per hour on any street in Halifax except down by the waterfront where it is $3.00 per hour.

Most meters usually take any combination of 25 cent coins, as well as $1 or $2 coins. The maximum available time is roughly one hour but it is indicated on the face of the meter if there is any doubt.

It must be noted that you cannot add extra coins to extend the maximum time for parking. It you deposit $2 you will get one hour of parking. If you deposit and extra $2 you will still get one hour of parking.

Parking Rules in Halifax

There are a few rules to follow when parking in Halifax and here are just a few to watch for:

DO: Park at least five metres away from a fire hydrant
DO: Make sure you are not blocking a driveway
DO: Park at least 10 metres back from a stop sign
DO: Park at least 7.5 metres from a corner

DON’T: Park in or too close to a crosswalk
DON’T: Park on a sidewalk
DON’T: Park in a fire lane
DON’T: Park at a bus stop
DON’T: Park in a no- parking zone
DON’T: Park in a bike lane

Find A Space To Park

If you want to park in downtown areas like the Halifax Citadel, Scotiabank Centre, or the World Trade & Convention Centre you may be out of luck, but looking for available parking spaces in driveways may be possible.

The public will list their unused parking spaces on the Halifax Parking Services site ( for Halifax commuters to search for.

When they find available parking say on Barrington St they pay online right on the Park180 website, then go to the assigned parking spot and stay there for as long as the assigned time allows.

So if you are looking for parking spaces to go to downtown shops, offices, or the waterfront district in Halifax, check out Cheap Parking Halifax – | 902-410-8716