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Last updated Sunday, December 10th, 2017

Edward Downey

If you can’t find parking in Halifax NS you are not alone. That is why set up a parking space finder service so that commuters will be able to park their cars in downtown Halifax or Dartmouth any day of the week.

Most people looking for a places to park their cars in Halifax have been looking towards Halifax Parking Services –

Find a Placing to park your car in Halifax is as easy as checking the online parking database at Park 180 Parking Finder site. You can rent parking spaces from people renting out their driveways and other unused parking places on just about any street in Halifax NS.


Park180 Parking Finder in Halifax has created website where people can go on and list their available parking spaces to rent out to commuters in Halifax looking for parking each day.

Find Parking in Halifax Daily, Weekly, or Monthly

Whether you need to find parking in Halifax on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, your are sure to find empty parking spaces all over the city.

If you are looking to find parking near your favorite restaurant in downtown Halifax you should have no problem if you look on

If should be now pretty easy to find parking spaces in Halifax, Dartmouth, Sackville, or Bedford any time during the week. It doens’t matter if it is Summer or Winter, avoid parking tickets by renting for Halifax Parking Services.

Find Parking in Halifax Near Hospitals or Schools

Finding parking in Halifax near Hospitals or Schools used to be difficult.

Now if you want to find parking in the streets of Halifax there is a parking solution. Just check the parking space database on Park 180 Parking Space Finder and you should be able to find a good and affordable place to park your vehicle.

There are so many streets in Halifax but have no fear. This parking service in Halifax is really catching on this year.

If you have unused parking spaces like in your apartment or in your driveway, why not make extra money by listing them on the “Find Parking in Halifax” website – PARK180.COM

Finding Parking in Halifax Questions

If you have any questions regarding finding parking in Halifax NS don’t hesitate to inquire – [email protected]

It is easy and free to signup on the PARK180 website. You can make money daily by listing your unused and available parking spaces on our parking space database.

Why not make hundreds of dollars per month where you weren’t making any extra income before. What a great idea.

You have an empty spot in your driveway and it is just sitting there. Rent it out to someone looking to park their car in Halifax and you can make at least $20 to $30/day, which really adds up weekly and monthly.

  • Rent your driveway to make extra money
  • Rent your parking space on the street
  • Rent your apartment building parking space
  • Rent your parking space in an underground garage
  • Rent your condo parking space

Don’t forget there is a helpful FAQ section on this website that may answer your question right away.

If you don’t find what you are looking for, then contact Park180 Parking Finder Services in Halifax – [email protected].