Find A Place To Park In Halifax

Last updated Friday, May 26th, 2017

Edward Downey

If you are having an issue trying to find a place to park in Halifax, then you are not alone!

More and more people all over Halifax and Dartmouth, who come to the city each day to work, study, and shop cannot seem to find a space to park. It is definitely crowded when trying to find a spot to park in Halifax. So that is where comes in.

Halifax Parking Services (Park180) is a local parking space finder service that allows users to sign up on the parking service website and list their unused parking space for rent. So if you are looking to find a place to park in Halifax then simply watch the introduction parking video or simply click on “Find A Space“, then put in the location and date where and when you want to park.

Listing Parking Spaces in Halifax

If you have an unused parking space you can make extra money by listing these unused parking spaces in Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford and Sackville.

If you have a parking space like your driveway that you are not using, they why not make money by renting it to the public for a fee. Halifax Parking Finder will rent it for you and give you an 80% commission no questions asked. People looking for a place to park with check out website ( for places to park all over Halifax. When they find a parking spot they fill out their information and the parking space is secured for them.

They then show up and park in the space that they rented. It is a pretty simple parking space finder solution to the parking problems in downtown Halifax NS.

List your parking spaces on Park180 parking space finder website – LIST YOUR PARKING SPOT!

If you don’t want to get a parking ticket on the streets of Halifax, then this parking space rental services website is just what is needed at this time. You simply look for a space to park, sign up, and then the parking spot is yours. You can sign up to park for the day, the week, or the month if you wish. Just choose a block of dates to rent parking spaces in Halifax or Dartmouth if you need a more permanent parking solution.

Finding a parking space near the Halifax Citadel, Pier 21, Point Pleasant Park, the VG, or even a hotel or pizza shop has become a huge problem in Halifax.

Going for dinner at the Old Triangle on Prince Street in Halifax? Good luck finding a parking space in this waterfront district. But if you search for a parking space near Hollis Street, Lower Water Street, or Bedford Row on this PARK180 website you will mostly likely find an unused parking place to park nearby.

Sign Up To List Unused Parking Spaces

People who sign up to list unused parking spaces in Halifax make money every day! You can make extra money by listing your available parking spaces on Barrington Street, Argyle Street, George Street or Granville Street. It doesn’t matter where you live in Halifax, people are looking for parking spaces to park their cars nearby.

If you are trying to find parking space near the Split Crow Pub for instance or another other business on Duke Street, search it up on our Park180 parking space finder website.

The best thing to do is list as many parking spaces as you can on this site and see if it gets rented out. When it does get rented, the person who rented will most likely want to rent it over and over… that is a steady customer!

Landlords Rent Unused Parking Spaces in Halifax

If you are a landlord and own a few apartment buildings you can rent out any unused parking spaces in your apartment building parking lots to make a few hundreds dollars extra each month.

You can rent unused parking spots daily or by the week. Anyone who rents from you may even become a future tenant so it’s a win/win situation.

If you have single dwelling homes that you rent out, maybe the renter doesn’t have a car. So work it out with them so that you can rent out the driveway to Park180! The parking spot will show up as a listing on the Park180 parking space renter service and someone will rent it out when they need to park nearby. That’s about as simple as it gets.

Rent Unused Parking Spaces in Halifax

Ask someone who comes to dine out in Halifax where they park their car and they will laugh at you. This has become a common issue all over Halifax these days – no where to park!

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a parking space service in Halifax that you could check on on your mobile phone and find a spot to park right away? Well now there is – PARK180.COM !!

A lot of people share tales of driving around for 20 minutes until a space becomes available to park. At times you will no doubt find a spot to park in Halifax right away, but it doesn’t happen very often. If you meter runs out you many even get a ticket or get your vehicle towed away.

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Connect with Park180 on Facebook If you have questions regarding this Halifax Parking Finder Service hit us up on Facebook and we’ll do our best to answer your questions – Connect to Park180 Parking Services on Facebook.

If you want to make extra money each day by listing your driveway as a parking space on Park180, simply talk to us on Facebook or send us an email [email protected] or phone 902-410-8716.

Here Are A Few Areas Where We Are Looking For  Unused Parking Spaces:

  • Parking Spaces on Spring Garden Road

  • Parking Spaces on South Park Street

  • Parking Spaces on Dresden Row

  • Parking Spaces on University Avenue

  • Parking Spaces on Summer Street

  • Parking Spaces on College Street

  • Parking Spaces on Robie Street

  • Parking Spaces on Sackville Street

  • Parking Spaces on Agricola Street

  • Parking Spaces on North Street

  • Parking Spaces on Windsor Street

  • Parking Spaces on Chebucto Street

  • Parking Spaces on Oxford Street

  • Parking Spaces on Young Street