Fresh Reasons To Try Park180

Last updated Monday, November 14th, 2016

Edward Downey

Here are some fresh reasons to try Park180. Have you ever wondered where to keep your car during the Halifax winter parking ban? Or anytime?  What if you could find a neighbour that doesn’t use their driveway, and park there overnight? Halifax Parking Rentals can help you by connecting people with parking to people that need parking. So if you are looking for parking space listings Halifax, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Why you should use Park180

Do you have an extra parking space? Do you live in a high traffic area with limited parking? Is your driveway empty while you’re at work? Does your apartment complex include a parking space in your rent, but you don’t have a vehicle? Are you a community group or business that has times where your spaces are unused? Are you thinking about listing your parking space in Halifax or Dartmouth?

Here’s why you should use Park180:

  • Make money from your unused parking space
  • Quickly list your space, your ad will be permanently posted
  • Free advertising for your spot
  • Set your own rate
  • Manage your bookings online
  • Get paid automatically after someone uses your space
  • Feel good about yourself – you’re helping your neighbour find affordable parking

Register here to list your unused parking spaces on Park180.

Need someplace to park your car? This is what Park180 can do for you:

  • Never have to worry about getting another parking ticket
  • Store your car during the winter parking ban, avoid tickets and towing fees
  • Are you tired of driving around looking for parking? Pre-book your parking – help the environment by reducing idling
  • Park180 is specific to parking, and uses Google maps to compare listings near your destination
  • Compare parking prices, features, and distance to destination

You can search Park180 listings near your destination here.

How Park180 can benefit everyone:

  • Secure online payments – never worry about transferring funds in person
  • Help community groups fund their programs, by using their extra parking during non-peak hours

Use Park180 to save money, and park quickly.