Halifax NS Parking Space Rental Services

Last updated Thursday, June 8th, 2017

Edward Downey

If you are constantly looking for a place to park in downtown Halifax then perhaps you should consider this Halifax Parking Space Rental Serviceswww.PARK180.com

List your parking space in Halifax NS! It’s absolutely FREE !!

Whether you are looking for daily parking, weekly parking or long term parking in Halifax or Dartmouth, Park180 is your Halifax parking space finder service!

Park180 is a local parking service in Halifax that can help you find a space to park in Halifax! The owner of Park180, Edward Downey, says that by searching this website (www.park180.com) you are sure to find a parking space on any street in Halifax. “Customers of the website are able to list their parking spaces for any number of hours or prices they want with Park180 taking a 20 per cent commission“, adds Downey.

Park180 parking service in Halifax Nova Scotia is here to find you parking spaces in all areas of the HRM! The public can simply list their unused parking spaces so that others may find a spot to park their own vehicles in Halifax.

We now have available parking spaces in Halifax, Bedford, Sackville, or Dartmouth as well as most other areas of the HRM, but our database is still a little low. Tell your friends and family to think about listing their unused parking areas on this site and make extra money. It’s a win/win for those who list and for those who rent their driveways.

Halifax Parking Finder is a local services in the HRM that is here to solve the parking crisis in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Let’s work together and make this problem go away!

List Unused Parking Spaces And Make Money

You can list unused parking spaces on our Park180 website and make a few dollars on the side.

People will rent your driveway just about everyday and you get paid 80% of the money we collect from the public. Our fee is only 20% and we do all the leg work, updating the database, dealing with the public and paying those who list their unused parking spots on Park180.  It’s a great parking service in Halifax and we are only too happy to help the public find places to park their cars in and around the streets of Halifax NS.

Sign-Up Today To List Your Parking spots!

Signup today free and list your unused parking spaces and you are surely to get your driveway, your parking spot, or your unused apartment parking spot rent out.

If you want to rent out your driveway on a weekly or monthly basis to the same person that is fine. We can pay you out weekly or monthly, it’s your choice. The more days you rent out your unused parking spaces in Halifax, the more money you make.

PARK180 “Halifax Parking Services” Are Looking For  Unused Parking Spaces In The Following Areas:

  • List Parking Spaces on Spring Garden Road

  • List Parking Spaces on South Park Street

  • List Parking Spaces on Dresden Row

  • List Parking Spaces on University Avenue

  • List Parking Spaces on Summer Street

  • List Parking Spaces on College Street

  • List Parking Spaces on Robie Street

  • List Parking Spaces on Sackville Street

  • List Parking Spaces on Agricola Street

  • List Parking Spaces on North Street

  • List Parking Spaces on Windsor Street

  • List Parking Spaces on Chebucto Street

  • List Parking Spaces on Oxford Street

  • List Parking Spaces on Young Street