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Last updated Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

Edward Downey

Whether you need to find a spot to park in Halifax or are looking to rent your parking space, Halifax Parking Space Rentals has you covered with daily, weekly, and monthly spaces.

If you are attending a local hockey game in Halifax, we can help find you parking! if there doesn’t seem to be any parking spaces available. If you are coming to a downtown Halifax restaurant, there is nothing more frustrating that driving around the block look for parking. What a waste of time. There should be lots of parking spots available in Halifax in the evening, but it seems that all the good spots are taken.

So that’s where Park180 Parking Rentals in Halifax comes in. We can help you find a spot to park in Halifax just by searching our website (www.park180.com). We are a professional parking space finder that has been helping local commuters in Halifax find parking spaces whether you live in Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, or Sackville. Time to avert the current parking crisis in the Halifax area but joining forces with Park180 Parking Service.

Parking Space Listings in Halifax

Our parking space listings in Halifax are growing each day. If you currently have a parking space or two that you want to rent to make some extra money than you are in luck.

It doesn’t mater where you live in the HRM, you can list your parking spots. Whether you have a driveway you want to rent, or if you are a Halifax landlord with a few parking spots that are currently unused, you can list them on Park180 Parking Space Rental Agency and make some good cash on the side.

Simply submit your unused parking spots on Halifax Parking Spot Rentals and in no time, you will have it rented out. We take care of the payments from people who want to rent your parking space, and then pay you a parking commission. So don’t forget to let us know how much you want to rent your parking space for.

Finding parking spaces near a school, hospital, or restaurant can seem daunting at times, but simply by checking the available parking spaces on Park180, you will be able to find a good parking spot in no time.

Every try to find a parking spot at the QEII Health Sciences Centre? Good luck with that one. But believe it or not, people who have parking spaces for rent actually live in that area, and have listed these unused parking spots on our website www.park180.com

Don’t drive around for an hour looking for parking meters, parking lot spaces, or waterfront parking in Halifax. Just check the “Find A Space” listings right here on our site.

Daily Weekly Monthly Parking Spaces

There are plenty of daily, weekly, or monthly parking spaces in Halifax. There are parking spaces, driveways, and other unused parking spots all over Halifax. It seems like such a waste of space by letting these valuable parking spots go unused.

Need to find parking down by Spring Garden Road? We have several listings day and night that are ready and waiting for you to rent right now!

People wanting to park their vehicles in Halifax, simply have given up looking for parking spots and are now starting to take cabs everywhere. But if everyone pitches together and lists their unused parking spaces on Halifax Parking Space Rentals, we should all be able to find parking in Halifax, Dartmouth, or any other area of HRM.

If you want to make some extra month this month by listing your parking space for rent, simply sign up and list all your unused parking spaces on this site and you will have it rented out in no time.

How Much Does Halifax Parking Rentals Make Off My Parking Spot?

Well to answer this question, Halifax Parking Rentals (Park180.com) collects a 20% commission from the sale of each space rental from the seller. That is for each person that signs up and lists their unused parking spots on the Park180 website, we pay 80% of the total price collected from the renter of the parking spot.

So if you want to list your driveway for rent for a week and the parking space renter pays us $100, we will give you $80. We get $20, which is a 20% commission. This can add up if you want to list all your unused spaces for the month.

Landlords and building owners can make hundreds of dollars each month just by listing all their unused parking spaces on Halifax Parking Rentals Website.

Whether you are looking for daily parking in Halifax, weekly, or month parking, we should be able to hook you up with our parking service. We have people who have listing parking spaces in parking garages, parking lots, street parking, and private underground garages, so we have a parking space solution for anyone looking to find a space to park in Halifax.

So list your parking space on Park180, rent a parking spot on Park180, and reserve you parking space for the month, if that is something that you want to do. We even have unused parking space down by the Halifax waterfront for rent.

Want to find parking by the Casino? No problem we have available parking by the Halifax Casino.

Parking Spot Questions

Contact Halifax Parking Space Rental Services if you have any parking questions. We’d be only too happy to help you list your parking spots on this website database for others to rent out. So it doesn’t matter if you are trying to rent out your driveway or are looking for a weekly space to park your car in Halifax, we can help.

Before contacting us, try to read the FAQ section first. You may just find the answer you are looking for. If you don’t see what you are looking for, then shoot us a message to [email protected].