Halifax Parking Service

Last updated Thursday, April 27th, 2017

Edward Downey

If you are one of many commuters that are looking for a Halifax parking service each day, then you are not alone. Recently Global News contacted Park180 to find out how their Halifax parking service worked.

Customers of the website (PARK180.COM) are able to list their parking spaces for any number of hours during the day or week and set a price for renting their unused parking spaces. They then get paid weekly for this parking service and Park180 gets a 20% commission as a parking service fee.

The person that lists their parking spaces get an 80% parking fee payment and Park180 would get the remaining 20%.. It’s a win/win for Haligonians looking for parking and also for the public who wish to make a little extra money by listing unused parking spots in Halifax.

Edward Downey, owner of the Park180 parking space rental service, told Global News in Halifax that he hopes to expand the parking space business in Halifax to other cities in the near future.

Parking Space Rentals in Halifax

The number of parking space rentals in Halifax is growing! By listing your unused parking spots on Park180 you not only get to make a little extra cash each day renting out your driveway or empty parking spaces, you get to provide a needed service to the residents of the city of Halifax.

So if you have one or two parks spots that you are not using and want to earn extra income, rent out your parking space right here on this website and get paid daily for each spot you rent out. This Halifax parking space rental agency is needed more and more each day throughout the HRM.

Where To Park Your Car in Halifax

Anyone coming into the downtown core of Halifax needs parking. Where to park your car in Halifax has become a huge problem.

What do you do if all the parking meters are used and you can’t find a spot to park your car? This is a frustrating piece of business. However, by checking our database on Park180, you will quickly learn where to park your car.

Just search the area of street where you want to park your car and you are sure to find a spot close to where you are doing business. Whether you are just picking up dry cleaning or ordering a pizza, you need a space to park your car. But what to do if there are no spots?

Well you can rent a driveway or other unused parking spots from residents of Halifax who have listed unused parking spaces on Park180. This parking space rental service is for real! Get on board by listing all your parking spaces, driveways, unused apartment parking spots, and any other empty parking spots on streets throughout Halifax.

It is simple to sign up. Just submit your unused parking spaces on the Halifax Parking Rental Services website and it will be quickly rented out. Park180 parking service will pay you each week for the number of times you driveway or empty parking spot was rented. They take a 20% commission as a service fee and you get the rest – 80%!

Find Parking Space Listings in Halifax NS

If you want to park by a hospital, school or library you simply cannot find parking space listings in Halifax NS.

You want to shop in downtown Halifax or go out for a night of entertainment off Barrington Street Halifax and drive around the block a few times trying to find a spot to park, well good luck with that. But by checking this Park180 parking space finder service, you are sure to find a few spots to rent cheaply for the evening.

By listing your unused parking spots in Dartmouth, Halifax, Sackville or Bedford our database of parking spots will grow.  As the site grows so does the number of available parking spots that can be rented to the public. We can all help each other by listing parking spaces and renting parking spaces.

If you still have questions regarding where to park in Halifax or any other area of HRM, send us an email at [email protected] or simply list your parking spaces for rent or search for the street name you want to park your car. We will be happy to help you find a spot to park on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.