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Park180 is committed to providing a safe & secure environment so that your information is fully protected when you use our website.

We’ve taken steps to secure your information using  SSL. SSL is an industry standard used by millions of websites worldwide. This gives you an encrypted connection so that the data you enter remains private.

We accept secure payments through Stripe, and pay you through PayPal.

What you can do to stay safe on the web (and our website)

  1. Use a strong password. We provide you a complex, strong password when you register for our website. You can change that password by logging into your account area. If/when you change it – make sure your password is equally as strong.
  2. Keep your browser up to date.

My question isn’t here? Can I ask a question?

We’re constantly adding questions & answers to this page, so if your question hasn’t been answered yet, ask us now! We’ll get back to you by email or phone AND we’ll post your question on this page. Thanks for helping us help others.