About Us

Online Parking Space Finder Halifax (Park180.com) connects people and companies with available parking to people seeking parking. At Park180, we believe there is a less stressful way to deal with parking. Our vision is to be the number one solution to parking issues by streamlining how people find and rent out parking in Halifax or Dartmouth.

Our Halifax parking service allows parking spot owners to easily make passive income with little effort by renting out their available parking spaces. All transactions are completed through our secure site.

Whether you want to list your unused parking spaces in Halifax or wanting to rent a place to park your car in Halifax, this Parking Service can help!

Park180 acts as a parking database, where results are filtered by location with Google maps, price, and additional features. We let drivers compare rates, save ticketing and towing fees, and help improve the environment by reducing idling and trip times.

The inspiration to start Park180 was provided by a friend, who had difficulty finding a place to store her car during the winter parking ban in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Find a parking spot in Halifax NS

Park180 will help drivers find parking during the winter parking ban in Halifax NS!