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Last updated Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

Edward Downey

If you live in Metro Halifax, Dartmouth or Bedford and are looking for daily parking spaces to park your car, than try Parking Space Finder Service. is Halifax Nova Scotia’s new parking finder service that helps local commuters find unused parking spaces in all areas of the HRM. Residents of Halifax wanting to make extra monthly income can simply signup on Park180 Parking Space Finder and list all their available parking spaces for free.

PARK180 Parking Space Rental Agency

Park180 Parking Space Rental Agency in Halifax NS will then collect the daily fee from those wishing to rent your unused parking space.

Park180 Parking Space Rentals Halifax NS

You are not using your driveway or apartment parking spot so why not make money off it? Pretty simply idea eh? Well, list all your unused parking spaces and when someone finds your parking space on this Park180 website, they will rent it on a daily or weekly or even a monthly basis.

This simple “parking space finder” video will show you how this parking space finder site works.

So if you are looking to find a place to park in Halifax then simply watch the introduction parking video or simply click on “Find A Space“, then put in the location and date where and when you want to park.

LIST YOUR UNUSED PARKING SPOTS | Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, Sackville NS

Who wants a parking ticket in downtown Halifax? None of us do, that’s who! The way to beat parking tickets on the streets of Halifax, whether it’s summer or winter, is by searching up the parking database on parking space finder service and you are sure to find available parking spaces just waiting to be rented for a modest daily fee.

Sign up to park your vehicle in someone’s unused parking space for the day, week, or month. They will make money and you will have a place to park your vehicle.

If you just want to park your car for an hour or two in Dartmouth or Halifax, that is no problem. Park180 makes parking simple so that you can park for as many hours as you want. When you sign up to park your car on this website, you are given the option of parking for a few hours, the whole day, or whole week if you want.

Finding places to parking your car is Halifax has never been easier! Need to park at Pier 21, a nearby hospital or school, or a dentist appointment? No problem Park 180 Parking Services can help.

Parking Space Database Growing – PARK180!

Our ( PARK180.COM ) parking space database is growing day by day! The total number of parking spaces now available on Park180 Parking Finder Services has expanded to include nearby neighborhoods of Sackille, Bedford, Dartmouth, and Halifax NS.

Simply by listing your available parking spaces on Park180 you have a chance to make extra money when someone rents out your driveway or apartment building parking spaces.

Call Out To All Landlords of Halifax NS

This is a call out to all landlords in the Halifax area. If you have apartment buildings or commercial lease parking spaces available to rent by the week or month, we are your answer to making money off these unused parking spaces!

Park180 will pay you as each of these parking spaces are rented out. We will keep track of all the spaces, who rents them, and just how much you have made for the month (80% off all money received goes to landlords who own the parking spaces).

So sign up on Park180 Parking Services and list as many available parking spaces as you have available and we’ll take care of the rest.

List Your Parking Spaces = Make Extra Money !!

There is no need to let your driveway sit idle. Why not list your unused parking spots on the Halifax Parking Finder site and we will send you cash!

Are you ready to make some extra money by listing your parking spaces?

Sign up free today on Halifax Parking Space Finder Services, list all your unused parking spaces, and we will send you money – simple, easy, profitable!