Parking Space Rentals In Halifax

Last updated Monday, March 13th, 2017

Edward Downey

If you are one of the many hundreds of people each day looking for parking space rentals in Halifax, you are not alone!

Finding a parking space in the HRM has been on the mind of most commuters in downtown Halifax in recent months. Each day thousands of local shop owners, nurses, doctors, students, and pizza shop workers have had a problem trying to find parking space rentals in Halifax.

The problem is, not just finding a parking spot in Halifax day after day, it’s trying not to get a parking ticket in the process. There are only so many available parking spots in downtown Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford or Sackville. What is a person supposed to do if you can’t find a parking space? This is where Halifax Parking Space Rentals (Park180) come in.

List Your Parking Space in Halifax

If you live in Halifax, you can now list your parking space for rent. That’s right! Rent your driveway or unused parking space to the public.

If you want to make some extra money by renting your driveway or unused apartment parking spot, all you have to do is simply list your parking spot on this website and people looking for parking spaces will click on your listings and book it, either for a day/night or for a week or even for a month. So you make money by listing your driveway parking space for rent on Park180 Parking rental services.

This is the way of the future. Parking is getting harder to find in Halifax and downtown workers, students, and even people coming to the downtown core for an appointment can no longer find a spot to park.

Park180 is making this possible. They will help you find a parking spot by searching this website database. There are parking spots available to rent in Halifax right now, and it’s growing daily.

If you want to avoid a parking ticket in Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, or any other areas of HRM, book a parking spot in Halifax today.


Advantages of Using Park180

There are many advantages of using Park180, Halifax parking rental service!

The upside to using our parking services website is that renting spots in underground garages or downtown parking lots is becoming outrageous! Parking tickets and parking fees are creating a huge problem that no one can afford. There has to be a simple parking solutions in our city of Halifax.

If you are a homeowner with an extra space in your driveway, why not rent it out and make some extra money? Renting out your parking space can give you a good side income. is  the largest online parking service in Halifax. It allows is users (parking spot renters or those searching for a parking spot) a local parking marketplace where none existed before.

This site is not limited just to Halifax. You can list your parking space in Dartmouth, Bedford, Sackville or any other area of the HRM. We are branching out to all areas of Halifax so share our parking space posts with your friends on Facebook to help them find a spot to park in Halifax.

Here are just a few quick advantages of renting a parking space from Park180:

  • Easy Search

  • Find a parking space

  • List a parking space

  • Save money

  • Peace of mind

  • No parking tickets


Find A Spot To Park In Halifax

No one can seem to find a spot to park in Halifax any more. What seems to be the problem here. There city is so big you would think there would be no problem finding a spot to park in Halifax, but this simply is not the case.

It’s harder than ever trying to find a parking space in downtown Halifax. Whether it’s Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, parking has now become a huge issue in HRM. Fortunately Park180, your Halifax Parking Rental Services Company, has come to the rescue.

By searching the database on our website you are sure to find a spot to park in Halifax. People have been listing their unused parking spots, driveways, and empty parking spots at their apartment on this website.

Everyone is welcome to list your parking spaces on

Landlords can now make extra income by renting out unused parking spaces for their rental units. Not everyone has a car so why not rent out these unused apartment parking spots? Tenants, in this case, will receive a possibly cut in their rent, if they want to give up their unused parking spaces. It’s a win/win for both landlord and condo renters.


Parking Space Questions

Whether you are looking for a parking space or wanting to list your parking space for rent, Halifax Parking Rentals are here to answer your questions.

Read over the FAQ section on this website, and if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out [email protected].