Where Are All The Parking Spaces in Halifax?

Last updated Friday, March 22nd, 2019

Edward Downey

When looking for parking spaces in Halifax you may find it is a bit of a challenge! That is why Park180 has set out to solve the issue of parking services in Halifax NS!

The goal as Park180 Parking Services is to get the general public to list parking spaces on their website so that the traveling public can find parking spaces to park their cars right on the Park180 parking website.

Park180 Parking Space Finder website lists parking spaces for all the streets in Halifax as well as other areas in HRM like Bedford, Sackville, and Dartmouth.

So rather than paying for metered parking on the streets of Halifax you can search the parking database on the Halifax Parking Services website – PARK180.COM

Parking Near Me in Halifax

All you have to do, when searching for parking spaces in Halifax, is to search Google for “parking near me” and you will find the Park180 Parking Space Finder website.

Then search the database for parking spaces, choose your parking space, pay with PayPal or credit card, and your spot is secured.

So Google “parking spaces near me” in Halifax and it will tell you if there are available parking spaces on the street in which you wish to park you vehicle.

List Available Parking Spaces, Make Money

If you want to list your available and unused parking spaces on the Park180 database, you will have a chance to make extra money when someone rents your parking space.

Park180 Parking Space Rentals Halifax NS

Just click “List Your Space” and add your parking spaces! When someone rents the space you will get paid 80% of the commission collected after someone pays.

If you have an unused driveway, you can list your parking space on PARK180 parking space finder website.

If you have an unused parking space in your apartment complex parking lot, you can certainly list this on Park180 Parking Services website.

Maybe you have a condo in which you have a second driveway? Well this counts as an unused and available parking space. List in on the Halifax Parking Services website (PARK180) and when someone rents the spot, you will make money!

Parking Spaces in Halifax

The general public are able to list their available parking space in Halifax on the Park180 Parking Space website. There are all sorts of parking spaces available ot the public each and every day. You just have to know where to look!

So if you want to list some parking spaces on the Halifax Parking Space Services website here are a few spots you many want to consider listing on our website:

  • Parking Lots (heads up landlords)
  • Covered Garages (private parking)
  • Private Driveways (a great parking solution)
  • Private Parking Lots (very secure parking space)
  • Apartment Building Parking (lots of people don’t have cars, list these spaces)
  • City Street Parking (lots of parking spaces available right in front of your house or business)

So when looking for available parking spaces in Halifax for medical appointments, dropping into an office, going shopping, or running an errand, check the Halifax Parking Space Website – www.PARK180.com | 902-410-8716